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Thank you to our clients. We appreciate that you took the time to send all the reviews you prepared.
Below is a collection of actual quotes from actual clients.

“To Smart Options Educational Services,

Please accept my sincere thanks for all the help and guidance you provided me in deciding my course of academic study and my career direction to a large extent.
Every consultation was professional and conducted with care and personal interest, due to your longterm experience with students.
Oxford Brookes University was an excellent choice as far as location, accommodation, campus life and study are concerned and the academic personell is very helpful with the students. I am very happy here!
I would introduce other students to be serviced by Smart Options, with great pleasure!

Toumazos Toumazou
BSc Marketing, Oxford Brookes University”

In 2003, I was granted an unconditional offer from Oxford Brookes University to study Computing Science. This was facilitated by Marlene - one of the most remarkable minds of her generation, working towards educating this generation and the next.

I would like to thank her and her (friendly and approachable) colleagues at S.M.A.R.T Options Educational Services for all the assistance and excellent guidance they provided me. They demonstrated professional conduct, and at the same time I always felt comfortable and at ease in their company

I would, therefore, wholeheartedly recommend them to prospective students planning to go to the UK.

Dr. Hossein MIRI
PostDoctoral Research Fellow
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie ( KIT )
Federal Republic of Germany

I am already at Birmingham! I met everyone you recommended at my department and I am very enthusiastic with the place, the accommodation and everything! I would like to thank you so much for your precious assistance and guidance all these months. And to thank you also for undertaking the whole application procedure and and doing what was necessary  for my successful placement on my course.

Petros Petrikkos
LLB Law via Foundation
The University of Birmingham

I would like to thank S.M.A.R.T Options Educational Services for all the help they provided for me and for suggesting the English Language Examination that I took. I also appreciate  the chance they gave me to meet a representative of Roehampton University at their office in Nicosia. This meeting was very useful onwards during my studies at Roehampton University.

Chrisi Paraskevopouloulou
MA in Art, Craft and Design Education
Roehampton University

I am having a great time, everything here is beautiful and on Monday I will start my course. I am very happy! I am on the course I always wanted to do and I wouldn’t be anywhere else. You are the one who convinced me to come here and to follow my dream! Thank you so much!

Korina Phanou
MSc Bioscience Technology
University of Dundee

“I will suggest this summer program to my friends! It was fantastic!”
Elli Kyrou, 2005 Summer Camp, Canterbury.

“You and your team at S.M.A.R.T. Options Educational Services provided dedicated and excellent support with my placement in the Electronic & Electrical Engineering Foundation course. You offered me such good advice and assistance with the choice of courses and universities and handled diligently the complete UCAS process providing me with regular updates and conducting follow-up on my behalf. You have handled mine and my parents’ requirements promptly in a structured and professional manner. I am very grateful and I appreciate everything you have done for me!”

Vassilis Charalambous
BEng Electronic & Electrical Engineering with Foundation
The University of Birmingham

“It was an unforgettable experience and I made new friends from many countries !
Thank you S.M.A.R.T. Options!

Alexandros Constantinides
2010 Summer camp  - Cambridge

Birmingham is great! The city is nice and the university and campus are gorgeous, and I am getting on well with the course. I settled in fine, and I get along very well with my room mates, so I am very happy about that. Thank you so much for all your help in Cyprus!

Sama Meibar,
BEng Civil Engineering The University of Birmingham

I am so pleased with everything I found here, I am settling in incredibly well and enjoying my time here.
Thank you so much for recommending this university to me and for making all the necessary arrangements. You helped me to get a place on the course I wanted and to arrive safely here. Everyone has welcomed me very warmly.
Thanks again for everything .

Loucas Mylonas
The University of Northampton

I felt that I wanted to say a big thank you for this very well organized trip.
When Renos came back he said that it was the best vacation he ever had and his only problem
was that the trip was very short! He met a lot of new friends, ,practiced his English and his is looking forward
to going next year again but this time for 3 weeks!
Thank you Marlene once again and well done for organizing this trip so well. Well done!!!

Rita Markidou
Renos markides attended the  2009 Summer Camp in Somerset, Bath

Studying abroad is a decision of the utmost importance which shapes future employment prospects and long-term career achievement. In today’s competitive educational environment, it is imperative that adequate and of the highest quality educational counselling is provided to students. With many years of dynamic presence in Cyprus, S.M.A.R.T Options Educational Services is a highly professional educational services body, which among other services provides prospective students with valuable and objective guidance on different issues pertaining to their studies abroad. Being a student myself, I have had the opportunity to be advised in several occasions by S.M.A.R.T Options Educational Services and in particular by Mrs. Marlene Philippou. Selecting the appropriate university among a plethora of UK universities was a challenge I faced prior to commencing my studies abroad. I was hence provided with substantial guidance on the options I had, as well as the university requirements and procedures required from the application stage until my admittance to the university I had chosen. Readily available and willing to provide feedback on any issues that arose, such as providing regular updates on the status of the applications as well as diligent preparation of supporting documentation, constitute some of the qualitative characteristics of the services I was provided.It is with great confidence that I recommend S.M.A.R.T Options Educational Services to future students, as my personal experience has demonstrated that the knowledge, professional conduct, and long-term experience of their educational services, will enable any applicant to make the right decisions for the accomplishment of future academic and later professional aspirations.

Christi Georgiades
MSc International Accounting & Finance
The University of Birmingham