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  • We care to help students and young people, define their route, grow and develop into healthy and happy individuals.
  • We care to help their parents too in assisting their children!
  • We believe in the talent, the power, the goodness and the ability that each child or young person brings with them.
  • We make it our responsibility is to assist them to "open up to this", acknowledge their uniqueness and the availability of possibilities that lie ahead and to show them the way.

It is our strong belief that mentalities in Cyprus have to change, if we want our children to look at the future with optimism. They have to change if we want our future citizens to have a positive outlook on life and have the drive, the interest and the passion to contribute effectively to their society and engage in what they love and what they feel they can do best.

With this in mind, our range of services has developed over the years, to include what we saw was necessary to the teenagers - and would assist their parents too - which would come as complementary to what is offered by our schools and the official educational system on our island: