Summer Camps for teenagers PDF Print E-mail

Acknowledging the need for our youngsters in Cyprus to occupy themselves constructively during the long summer holidays, and in line with our strong interest to provide tools that will help them to develop, we offer, since 2003, the opportunity to high school students to travel abroad and mingle with a mix of nationalities of their age. An experience they treasure which is coupled with the enrichment of their linguistic ability and the chance to meet new cultures, new places and to have fun!

U.K. : In collaboration with reputable language schools and colleges, with long tradition in the field, we offer summer camps for Cypriot students between 12 -17 years old, which combine language tuition together with a rich educational and social programme especially designed for Juniors. The camps we offer are in selected areas in the U.K. which are safe, beautiful and famous eg. Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, Canterbury.