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Career Guidance to Students

Career Guidance is offered to high school students from 14 year old and upwards, assisting them with the right selection of academic subjects at school and their choice of courses at university (both in Cyprus and abroad) thereafter. The overall aim is to guide youngsters towards designing a career path that is best suited to their interests, ability and personality.

Career Guidance to Adults

This service is targeted towards young high school/college/university graduates or older adults. Through a specific methodology and personal coaching sessions, our clients are offered options of action which coincide with the stage they are in.

You may be interested in these services if:

  • you need guidance & assistance to enter or re-enter the employment market
  • you are looking to re-define your direction (you are not happy where you are or with your choice of profession)
  • you require advice with the preparation of your Curriculum Vitae
  • your interview techniques (whether for university interviews or for job placement interviews) need polishing up