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Established officially in 1998, following two years of training and observation in the field, S.M.A.R.T. Options Educational Services was set up to provide substantial guidance and assistance to young people, whether that concerns their academic and educational options or their career path. Our experience has shown that both students and parents, go through a very difficult time in trying to make decisions that pertain to the selection of their studies at university or their professional career.

Every year thousands of pupils, college students and young graduates go through the process of making choices for their future:

  • their academic options at school
  • what exams to prepare for
  • the type of education they want to follow
  • the university course to select
  • their preferred destination
  • the academic institutions to apply to
  • the professional career to follow…

The list is endless. The complexity of decision-making and the practical and emotional impact this has on young people when moving into this stage, make this often a daunting task. Our role is to fill that gap and guide the interested parties safely into a decision that is in line with their wishes, interests, abilities and potential.

The uniqueness of our organisation lies in the fact that we believe in offering what, in our estimation,  belief and long experience, provides the youth with the complete package when it comes to their self-development and progression. For this reason we are engaged into four main categories of service: Career Guidance and Coaching (starting from 14 years old), Academic/University Counselling, Youth Empowerment programs and Summer Camps for Teenagers abroad. Representing universities and other academic institutions abroad (primarily in the U.K.) since 1996, has provided us with invaluable knowledge, contacts and constant updates with developments in the educational field.

A description of our Services can be found in the pages that follow and we would invite you to also take a look at our Photo Gallery, to have a taste of our rich involvement over the years.

We are proud that all the photos on our website are from our own events and activity.